Advanced Aviation Management (AAM)

Qatar  Aeronautical Academy established the Airport Operations Management Department  in 2009, recently renamed to Advanced Aviation Management. Over this period  of time, we have seen steady increase in student numbers, we have added to  our faculty and in doing so have expanded the scope of our teaching. As a new  diploma programme, our course delivery programme has been under review to  ensure the courses taught are in line to meet the needs of the industry we  serve. New courses in varying areas of avaiation & airport operations are  currently being developed.

The AAMP  diploma is designed to teach a range of subjects giving our students not only  a valuable overview of the aviation industry but also in key areas involving  the daily operational running of a modern day airport.

To give  you an idea of some of the job roles currently being undertaken by graduates,  see the list below:

• Terminal Duty Manager  
• Security Supervisor/Manager Safety  
• Safety Officer  
• Operational Planner  
• Flight Data Supervisor  
• Resource Planner  
• Communications Officer  
• Airport Customer Service  Supervisor
• Check-in Supervisor

To give  you an idea of some of the departments or functional areas of the airport in  which an AAMP graduate could be appointed a position, see the list below:

•  Security
• Airport Management Office
• Flight Data and Resource  Allocation
• Baggage Control• Airside Safety Unit
• Airport Operations Control
• Hold Baggage Screening
• Airport Customer Service
• Ground Handling
• Cargo Operations  
• Corporate Business Team

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Aviation Management

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