The  department is a recognized training Centre by WMO and GCC countries. The  courses offered in the department are based on WMO syllabi leading to a  higher National Diploma in Meteorology. The degree is approved by Reading  University, UK to continue the education to obtain BS degree in Meteorology.  The department equips with labs of latest technology in Weather Forecasting  to train the students to make them ready to work in National Met services of  any country as Senior Technician and Forecasters.

The  new state of the art forecasting simulator provides a dedicated environment  for learning and practicing weather forecasting. An operational forecasting  system (Synergie) works on real-time data with satellite imagery and archived  data in different configurations (general, aeronautical, marine). The  Department also has an automatic weather station, laboratories and  instruments which support the training.

The  two and a half year Higher National Diploma course is built into a program  that is aimed at providing students with classroom and practical  environments. The course covers in depth subjects such as: General Met,  Physical met, Met instruments, Plotting and analysis of weather maps, Met  Data Processing, Flight Briefing, Numerical Weather Prediction, Aviation Met,  Dynamic Met, Agro-Meteorology, Seismology, Tropical Met, Satellite Met,  Marine Met, Synoptic Met, Oceanography & Weather Analysis and Forecasting.

Applicants  for Meteorological studies must have a strong foundation in Mathematics and  Physics which are also part of the curriculum.of the curriculum.


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